Answers to our property management FAQs.

If you’ve read about our dedicated Property Management division but want more information about us, or property management in general, you might find the answer right here. Alternatively, simply contact us. We’re here to help you make the right choices about your property investments.

Will a senior property manager attend all home opens and viewings?
Yes. At Mint, prospective tenants are always accompanied by your dedicated senior property manager, whether it’s a weekend home open or an after-hours viewing – after all, the best tenants are generally professionals who are unable to view properties during the day. We see it as a great opportunity to gauge interest, gather feedback and assess the quality of an applicant.

Who conducts regular inspections of my property?
Again, your senior property manager will conduct all inspections, from the initial appraisal of your rental property and the Property Condition Report prior to leasing, through to the six-week follow-up inspection and every three-month inspection thereafter.

So my senior property manager handles everything?
Not at all. Your property manager has their own dedicated support team – we have specialists in-house handling all aspects of your property’s behind-the-scenes administration. However, your property manager will be your main point of contact, drawing on their extensive property management experience to ensure the smooth management of your investment.

How much can I get for my property per week?
That’s a tough one, and it’s impossible to give you an answer without appraising your property. But even after viewing your investment, we’ll want to conduct our due diligence research, which goes beyond the usual desk-based research.

We draw on our intimate knowledge of the Perth market and a host of data that isn’t available to the public to give you a thoroughly researched recommendation. Why not get a Mint rental property appraisal? It’s obligation-free.