Thinking of selling your home in 2019? The 4 Tips to Select the Right Agency This year.

by Mint Real Estate Claremont

Welcome to 2019!

We hope you had a great summer break and are well-rested, ready for the year ahead.

At Mint Real Estate, we are cautiously optimistic about the trends for 2019. Property-owners in our glorious city should begin to see asset values starting to steadily rise.

Reports indicate that Perth house prices are expected to grow faster than any other capital city – finally turning the corner on what has been a rocky few years.

Analysts expect the next 12 months will see Perth house prices rise by approximately 5% – that’s significantly better than the eastern capital cities.

The turn-around is being driven by a variety of factors including better economic conditions, new mining activity in WA, rising commodity prices, and a growing population.

Some analysts are even predicting that by 2021, Perth house prices will have risen by 10% compared to 2018 levels.


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Even unit prices, which haven’t seen much asset price growth due to high levels of supply, will begin to increase. Predictions are that the next two years will see a 4% growth in unit prices.

Are you thinking of selling this year?

When it comes to selling property, we are still in a buyers’ market for the time being. Even so, it’s still possible for you to achieve a solid sale price. The key to maximising your sale price is selecting the right real estate agency with exceptional skills and experience.

Here are 4 key considerations when selecting the right real estate agency for you:

1. Pick the agency that really understands your target market

Not all properties are suitable for all buyers. It pays to narrow-down your potential pool of buyers and gain a deep understanding of what they are looking for in a property.

An agency should articulate a clear understanding of your potential buyers and their specific needs. They should also guide you in developing a marketing strategy specifically designed to appeal to this target market.

By understanding your potential buyers, the agency will also be ideally placed to provide advice on ways to enhance the appeal of your property, such as undertaking minor renovations and appropriate styling strategies.

2. Agents should make use of market data

With access to a wealth of property data, a good agency will be able to make informed decisions about realistic property values, local demand, the right time to go to market, and the right selling strategy.

All too often, some agents rely on gut-instinct alone. However, with all the data and information available nowadays, decisions when it comes to selling a property should be evidence-based. That’s the way to ensure this major financial transaction is conducted in a way that maximises your return.

3. Local area knowledge

Your agency should be the experts in your suburb.

Local demographics, economic conditions, public transport options, as well as public services such as kindergartens, schools and hospitals. Your agency should be fully aware of all these and more before dealing with prospective buyers.

When buyers select a new home, they are not just deciding based on the property. They need to decide based on the location as well.

Therefore, the agency must have a deep understanding of the suburb, so they can show how the area meets the buyer’s needs.

They should also know about upcoming changes to your suburb, such as new developments, shopping centres, enhanced public spaces, or infrastructure. These will all make a difference to buyers.

4. Offering Multi-channel marketing

The right advertising campaign will substantially increase the exposure of your property and attract the interest of active buyers, as well as passive buyers who were not looking, but who nonetheless would be ready to purchase if the right property happened to come along.

This increase in exposure can add tens of thousands of dollars to your sale price.

A good agency understands this. They will prioritise advertising as a way to boost your return on investment rather than see it as an unnecessary cost.

Advertising should include multiple channels – from digital, to print and social media.

When it comes to social media, this is often an underutilised marketing tool for properties. While agencies may feature your home on their social pages, it is important to boost your property’s profile in order to get the attention of potential passive buyers. After all, these are the types of people who are probably not following your agent’s social media profile.


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How Can Mint Help?

If you’re considering selling this year, come and speak to us about your options.

At Mint Real Estate, we have many years of experience in Perth’s western suburbs. Our award-winning team of agents have an unparalleled understanding of the local market.

That level of experience is what you need to achieve the best possible sale price in a buyers’ market. With market conditions still not yet buoyant, you need the best possible team on your side to ensure you maximise your chances of selling for top-dollar.

Contact us on 08 9284 6000 or click here to discuss the best strategies for selling your property!

We look forward to working with you.

Tips on Selling your Home
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Thinking of selling your home in 2019? The 4 Tips to Select the Right Agency This year.