Boosting the Community Spirit this Christmas

by Mint Real Estate Claremont

We’ve noticed a growing trend that really boosts buyer demand, and it’s to do with both location and community.

Here are 8 ways to really build a good sense of community in your suburb, and make your neighbourhood the desirable place to be.

The Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA) recently identified the fastest selling suburbs in Perth.

At Mint Real Estate, the top 2 performing suburbs are well known to us: Shenton Park and Nedlands, taking an average of 17 and 29 days respectively to sell a property.

We often list properties in both these suburbs and can attest that strong demand from buyers in these areas ensures rapid sales times.

These suburbs also have something else in common, which we believe helps make them so desirable to buyers: a strong sense of community.

Shenton Park is home to the reputable Shenton College which has strong connections to the local community. Nedlands is situated near major hospitals, the University of Western Australia, and features an abundance of recreational facilities including tennis courts, sports clubs, parks, a golf club and more.

All these facilities help foster strong community engagement.

But just how important is strong community engagement to property values?

That question isn’t so easy to answer.

Clearly there are some country towns that possess a wonderful community spirit, but relatively modest house prices. Conversely, some inner-city suburbs are very pricey, but people often don’t know their neighbours.

What we do know is that inner-ring suburban suburbs that offer the right balance between proximity to the CBD and opportunities for the whole family to participate in the life of the community are in high demand.

So, if you and your neighbours want to heighten the sense of community spirit, whether as a way to boost property values in your suburb, or simply because you want to have a greater sense of connectivity to the other people in your community, Christmas is the perfect time to get started.

Christmas is the perfect time to engage your sense of community

At Christmas time, the weather is warm, and many people will be off work. It is the most likely time that others in your suburb would have the inclination to participate in any communal activities.

  •  Start decorating your streets for Christmas.

There are numerous streets around Perth where most of the houses join in the festive season with gusto. Many of the families put great effort into embellishing their homes with all manner of lights and other Christmas decorations.

These activities can be a fantastic way for neighbours to get to know one another. They can help foster a healthy camaraderie and a real neighbourhood spirit. With such streets attracting many night-time visitors, you will be making a name for your neighbourhood. In the long-run, this neighbourhood spirit will make your area an attractive place for many families to live.


Christmas Time


  •  Special Events

Why stop with Christmas decorations?

Once Christmas has passed, continue the community engagement with a range of other special events. You could arrange a community BBQ night or social groups for the kids. Create a community Facebook profile where all these events can be advertised and shared. You could even hold events for charities that help the local community, such as Clean-Up Australia, or fund-raise for local schools and hospitals.


Community Service


  • Get Physical

All too often we go straight from the house to the car without setting foot outside. This does nothing to help foster community spirit.

Organising local groups for a fun run, or regular dog walking, can be a great way to meet neighbours, and help nurture a community identity. Morning yoga in a local park on the weekends, or neighbourhood tennis groups are some other ways to get connected. You are only limited by your imagination. Once a few of you get started, others will soon want to join in.

  •  Community Garden

Speak to your local council about setting up a community garden space. This can be a great project that involves adults and kids alike. With different people in the community growing different produce, a bartering system can be set up, so one person’s excess carrots can be swapped for another person’s excess tomatoes.


community service


How Mint Real Estate Can Help

At Mint Real Estate, we specialise in developing marketing campaigns for the properties we sell which highlight all their features, including the benefits of living in the local community.

The more vibrant the local community, the stronger the demand to live in the area. This is something we are all too happy to help foster.

We encourage residents to speak to us about any steps that we may be able to take together that can further strengthen the communal spirit.

Please give us a call on 08 9284 6000 or click here to contact us.

We wish all the residents of our community a very Merry Christmas, and a wonderful New Year!




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Boosting the Community Spirit this Christmas