The 6 Tips For Selling Success This Spring

by Mint Real Estate Claremont

Spring is such a happy time! The weather starts to warm, the days become longer, and the flowers are all in bloom. People are more excited to be outside in the fresh air rather than huddled up at home. It’s no wonder why we notice the greatest amount of potential buyers enter the market at this time looking for their new home. Spring gives people an infectious sense of renewal, so if you’re looking to sell, now is a great time. However, the new season can only do so much! If you’re keen to list your property up for sale over the next few months, then it’s time to roll up your sleeves and prepare now. Here are our simple tips to help your home present well this Spring to attract the most buyer interest and achieve the best results.


How to best prepare your home for sale this Spring

The presentation of your home can leave a lasting impression on potential buyers as they look around for their dream purchase.

To get their attention, it’s a great idea to make a few minor updates here and there, because it can really make a difference in the final result you get.

Here are our 6 tips to start doing now.

  • It’s time for a little Spring Cleaning

Often, sellers believe that buyers will look past mess because it can be cleaned, but in reality, buyers judge from the minute they walk into your home.

So, the best way to begin is with the basics- setting aside some time to clean your home from top to bottom to create a desirable atmosphere.

Polishing the floors and steam-cleaning the carpets will really brighten up every room, and a good dusting will keep things looking clean and comfortable.

Wipe down all the surfaces, clean stains from the walls and scrub the windows to eliminate any unwanted odours and unsightly stains, allowing your sparkling home to speak for itself.

  • Declutter everywhere

The best way to give potential buyers a good sense of space is to remove all of the unnecessary clutter and provide more breathing room.

It’s time to be ruthless! Walk around your home and think about what you can shift or get rid of altogether. A cluttered house can really make your home appear cramped, and that’s the last thing you want your buyers to be thinking.

Making more room by removing cabinets, boxes and other messy items will keep your rooms looking light and spacious. And as an added bonus, there will be less to pack up and dispose of when you’re moving out after the property is sold.

Don’t forget that this applies to outside too!

  • Spruce up the garden

Spring is the season where flowers are in bloom and greenery comes to life, so make the most of the warmer weather now by getting into the garden and creating pleasant surroundings to welcome potential buyers.

Perhaps purchase a set of colourful plants and pots, rake up dead leaves, give the lawn a mow and the edges a trim, remove the weeds and fertilise long before your home opens. You will quickly find that your garden will come to life and that’s when you can organise your photographer to come by to get the best shots.

If you have an apartment without a garden, consider purchasing some easy-maintenance internal plants with a pleasant scent and place some pretty florals along the windowsills or verandah.

Buyers will appreciate that extra touch, and it keeps everything warm and welcoming. Just don’t wait too long as gardens can take a while to grow!

  • Undertaking minor repairs

Completing all of those little ‘fix-it’ projects will make a tremendous difference on buyer perception when they’re looking through your home.

That rusty tap, the broken tile, the missing lightbulb, the damaged shower glass. All of those say to your buyers: ‘I’ll need fixing when you buy the home’, and that can really leave a negative impression.

Whereas a property that is well-maintained puts buyers at ease that they’re inheriting something that has been looked after, so there will be less to do themselves. Most importantly, they’re willing to pay for this convenience too, especially if they’re looking at other properties on the market that may not be as maintained as yours.

To a buyer, there’s nothing more appealing than thinking: “this place is already ready!”, no matter if they’re buying to live in or leasing it out.

  • Styling your home

When people look through your home, they take everything in and make a decision based on the whole picture. It’s hard to imagine a lifestyle when every room looks very ordinary and lived-in.

Take the time to research and plan out an aspirational look for each room that inspires people to think about how they would use the space if they were to buy it. Carefully style the furniture, the paintings and little trinkets to create a homely atmosphere. Place novels on the table, a bowl full of ripe fruit in the kitchen and have a candle burning.

Or, you could consider having your home professionally styled by a specialist who can offer you everything to make your home really stand out.

  • Ask your local Mint Real Estate agent

The onset of Spring is the perfect time to meet and chat with your trusted Mint Real Estate agent.

We can provide you with a full assessment of how to get the best price when listing your home for sale and help you prepare.

Call us today. As your Western Suburbs specialists, we can discuss your options, ideas and goals so you can relax knowing you’re in good hands.

How can Mint Real Estate help you?

At Mint, we’re here to help you achieve your real estate goals.

We’re a young vibrant company with years of experience in leading the way to superior service, customer care and results.

We’d love to help guide you on your real estate journey and help you achieve success, so if you have any questions, or are looking to sell in Spring, please give us a call on 08 9284 6000 or click here to contact us.

We look forward to working with you.

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The 6 Tips For Selling Success This Spring