Moving words about moving on with Mint.

Properties are more than bricks and mortar. They’re our homes. They’re the backdrops to our lives. They represent our memories, hopes and dreams. And so, whether you’re buying or selling your home, or renting or leasing your property, real estate is a personal business – or at least it is at Mint.

That’s why we love hearing that the Mint philosophy has made moving on a rewarding, hassle-free and even enjoyable experience.

Some say selling and buying a new home rates as one of the most stressful activities you can do, and I agree it is a challenging activity.

We decided that we would embark on a bit of an experiment where we would look for a home that could accommodate three generations; we had a situation of adult children needing a safe haven for a while and ageing parents potentially needing support.

That’s a hard ask to find a home that big in Fremantle when we didn’t want to move from the lovely area we were already in, and we wanted more garden and we couldn’t go much above the sale price of our existing home.

After much looking we found a home, that to be honest took me a while to get used to its appearance but fitted our accommodation requirements. But it was for sale by transparent negotiation … what on earth was that? We had bought and sold many houses over the years but we had never heard of this method. Fortunately Mint Real Estate had prepared a comprehensive document to guide us through the process and their representatives Brad and Marissa answered lots of questions.

On the date of the negotiation I sat in an office with my computer and mobile phone and my upper limit clearly written down. Feeling very nervous I waited for Brad to call, and he did just as he said he would to check that I was ready and confirm that everything worked for me to be able to receive the negotiation sheet, sign, scan and send back to him. From memory there were 5 of us wanting this home. Negotiations commenced and as we were the last to put our offer in we were the 5th to make a counter offer. I was incredibly nervous but Brad was very reassuring and explained how the bidding was going and accepted my bid. This went on until there were only two of us left negotiating and I was getting very close to my limit and increments were now in smaller amounts. Brad had informed the bidders that the reserve had been reached so the house would sell during these negotiations. When I made my final bid I didn’t know if the other buyer would come back with more or not and it was somewhat stressful waiting to hear but it was all conducted very well and the whole process took about an hour. Brad called to say I was successful and the other buyer had pulled out. During the process I thought this was actually a really good process because everybody gets to see what others are offering and you get to offer your absolute maximum and the sheet of all negotiations is sent to all parties.

So that was the buying process, when it came to selling our existing home I wanted to use the same process because I think you get the most out of all the interested parties.

On the night of our sale we sat with Brad and Marissa and participated from the other side, it was comforting to be in the room when the agents were acting for us to get the best price. We didn’t reach reserve on the night so we went back to the final bidder with a counter offer the next morning, after we had time to think about what we wanted to do. This offer was accepted.

I think the process gets the best from all parties and you do see what everybody is offering and Brad and Marissa are very open and supportive; I recommend the process. It also uses a narrow window of market exposure so the sale period is not extended past the peak viewing time and this suited us.



Dear Brad, Marisa & Team, 

Just a quick note to thank you for your help and professional assistance with the sale of our mothers home.  We appreciated the difficult and capricious real estate market at the moment.  You achieved an outstanding result which exceeded our expectations. 

Many thanks,

Domenic & Basil


Matt and I would like to sincerely thank you for the professional service that you provided to us with the selling of our home.  From the time we made contact with you, your professional, direct and no-nonsense approach gave us the confidence to appoint you as our agent knowing you would represent our interests well. 

Your energetic and enthusiastic approach never wavered throughout the whole process.

The research and marketing of our property, advertising preparations, photographs, clear guidelines and timely contact was all well received and a credit to yourself and the team at Mint.

Your selling of the property, achieving above the asking price in a very short timeframe is testament to your marketing expertise, knowledge of the area/buyers and your commitment to doing the best for us.

Thank you so much and we are only too happy to recommend you to anyone selling or buying their property.

Wishing you and the Mint team every success.

Matt and Carolyn Waterhouse



Hi Peter and team

I wanted to extend our HUGE thanks to you and your incredible super team for our campaign.

Your enthusiasm, professionalism and confidence kept us feeling a part of the process from start to finish.
It was very thoughtful and you made us feel as though you loved the property as much as we do which makes a real difference.

Thank you so much and I was blown away by Amy and Andy please let them know how much we appreciate their stellar efforts we loved them... Love when a good team comes together..... Unstoppable. Congratulations on Mint we were so happy to seek you out after our very first experience with you a few years back and I'm so happy for you that you can now bring that awesome positive experience to so many more.

Please accept my apologies that I haven't been In Touch earlier, Pete moved back to bali last week and I am working full time in the city for 4 weeks so it's been a little crazy.

Thanks again and I will pop by at some point but it may be later in the month.

Let me know about when the SOLD sticker goes up I've been waiting with excitement haha thought it might be when offer went unconditional.

Thanks again and I will keep you posted on council there are no problems it's taken a few weeks to get everything sorted with Pete leaving.

Kindest regards
Bianca Martino


18 Jun 2015 | Recommended by YvonneandKevinW Vendor

Peter, and his team at Mint, delivered what they committed to.....a successful sale, at an acceptable price. At all times, we found Mint to be prompt, respectful, and honest. In a particularly difficult market, the Mint Team, and Peter in particular, delivered good traffic, and ultimately an outcome that was acceptable. We would recommend Peter.

26 Jun 2015 | Recommended by DebbieandMichae Vendor

Peter Clements and his team at Mint Real Estate have a unique approach to selling and their strategy works. Pete has a keen eye for detail and gave excellent advice on presentation, used cutting edge marketing and matched the right buyer to our home. Peter achieved exactly the price we had hoped for, in a very dynamic market. The Mint team works as one, they are totally professional… they understand the process of marketing and selling a home can be stressful and somehow manage to make everything seem easy.

18 Jun 2015 | Recommended by BronwynandKevin Vendor

It is not our habit to provide testimonials - as a rule, we just don't do it. On this occasion, however, we are moved to volunteer a testimonial without having been asked. Peter and his team recently effected a sale of an investment property we had in Claremont. Peter's commission proposal was not the most attractive of the several that we obtained but he made a good argument for the compromise upon which we agreed and we were interested to test out his innovative sales approach. Once appointed, Peter made very insightful suggestions for the presentation of the property which his team implemented seamlessly. We then settled a sales strategy to which everyone adhered faithfully, resulting in a number of offers being presented in a very short period of time. Within ten days of first notice to the market we had a very clean contract for sale at what we are confident was 'best price achievable in present market'. It seems the purchasers are very happy also: the perfect outcome. Peter and his team worked hard and earned every bit of their commission. If these are the attributes you seek in an agent then we are very comfortable recommending Mint.


I encountered Brad Glover in real estate in Fremantle many times over the years. I have always been impressed with him, and liked his style. During the boom he sold the property next door to ours twice in the space of about 4 months, with the second sale price being over $90,000 more than the first.

I've always thought (and said) that he would be a great agent to sell with but one to be careful to buy from given his persuasiveness...

When it came to selling our property, we didn't even consider using an agent other than Brad. This was a very sound decision. Brad sold our home after the first home open for a great price.

The advice he'd given us prior to the home open stage re getting the place up to speed for sale was invaluable. He had a good marketing strategy that he carefully explained to us. His follow through during the sale process has been incredibly thorough.

Brad has excellent interpersonal skills and is ultra enthusiastic in his role, without affecting the faux glad handing charm that I've encountered with some other real estate agents.

Yesterday, Brad showed his true mettle when he rode into the rescue for us. We were told by the settlement agent that our move would have to be postponed for three days as there was an issue with the purchaser. The settlement agent was adamant that there was no way around this. I found this stressful for all the obvious reasons re having cancelled utilities, arranged removalists, etc but more so because it's a bad time for me as I lost my father this time last year, so I didn't need the additional upset. I contacted Brad, who contacted the purchaser, and he seamlessly resolved the issue for us. We were so relieved and delighted at this result.

I would recommend Brad very highly to anyone thinking of selling a property. He undoubtedly goes the extra mile for the vendor.


Lisa Roche

Hi Simone,

On behalf of Dave and myself I want to thank you for the fantastic service and support that you showed us during our recent property purchase in West Leederville. 

At no time did we ever need to worry about how things were proceeding, you kept in touch with us every step of the way and managed things perfectly!  you are extremely professional and has a professional touch that we appreciated enormously.

We won't hesitate to recommend your services to our friends.

All the best and kind regards,

Debbie & Dave Young

Hi Brad and Simone,

Owen Thompson here, I am writing this email on behalf of myself and Lani.  This email has been a long time coming.  Lani and I were recently discussing all that has happened to us over the past 2 to 3 months and of course both of you guys came up during our conversation.  We really want to say a big thank you to both of you for your efforts and professionalism during the 'brief' time we spent selling our Spearwood property.  Not only were you professional but extremely personable and willing to listen to us as clients and take on board our opinions.  That was very important to us as it was our house being sold.  A few things that really stood out for us are mentioned below.

Firstly, both of you came into our home and gave us honest, professional and constructive feedback as to what we could and should do to improve our chances of a successful sale.  Moreover, you did this in a very non-invasive manner.

Secondly, your day to day dealings with us and your willingness to keep meaningful dialogue, ie. answering your phone or returning calls promptly, meant that were were constantly updated and informed about every twist and turn in the selling process.

Thirdly, the fact that you sold our house in 9 days (Lani thinks it is 6 days) is testament to the ground work and research that you put into the sale.  Not to mention of course your extensive market knowledge.  I realize that such a short sale period is extraordinary and of course excellent for all involved, however, rest assured that even if the sale period had been a lot longer our feelings would have still been the same and this email would still have the same tone.

Finally we both want to congratulate you again on your wedding and wish you all the best for the future.
Thanks again and we will see you some time in the future because as I have already said to you, I feel we will do business again in the future.

Owen and Lani

Dear Brad, 

You and your team have been so gracious to myself and our family. I can not fault your drive, enthusiasm and persistent good humour.  Thank you for all your efforts,

Terry and Peta

We recently had the pleasure of engaging the team at Mint Real Estate to sell our very much loved home of 11 years.  We say  “the Team” as it was a very team approach but organised such that everyone had their role and we felt like at all times everyone was on the same page.

It was a stressful  time for us,  with three small children, two businesses and selling by auction and with an intense marketing campaign – Mint held our hand and the odd small child too! By the time auction day came, we knew that everything that could be done had and no stone was left unturned in possible buyers.  Thus the house was sold above reserve and we moved onto our new home.

I would not hesitate to recommend the Mint Team to anyone thinking of selling or looking to buy.  The service we received from Brad, Peter and Simone was exceptional and second to none.

Christine and Damian Oldmeadow


25 January 2013

To whom it may concern
Reference for Peter Clements, Mint Real Estate

In July 2009 we sold our house through Peter Clements.

We firmly believe there is only one way to sell your house in the Western Suburbs (or anywhere really), and that is through Pete. We were given the best service, the best and most relevant knowledge, and the best process that the industry offers.

At the time our house was listed, there were comparable - and in our opinion, better - properties on the market within our price bracket, that had been on the market for some time. However, two days after our first official Home Open we received two offers - one of which was at the FULL asking price!!! And our house was on the corner of a busy road, whereas many others on offer were in quiet streets.

The only reason this happened was due to the amazing advice and service we were given as soon as we begun talking to Pete Clements. We took all his advice and prepared our property for sale in the best possible way. He made us feel like we were his most important clients at all times.

I firmly believe we received a price at the very top of what our house was worth, and in minimum time, meaning minimum disruption to our family. The fee we paid was rendered insignificant when balanced against these huge positives which were a direct result of Pete's hard work.

Sally Bell and Duncan Booth

We are thrilled with the absolutely fantastic result Peter achieved with the recent sale of our home.Peter’s exceptional marketing, exemplary communication and, most importantly, his extraordinary selling skills delivered on every level.

In a difficult market not only did he set a record for the street but met our highest expectations in terms of a sale price. In fact he met our highest expectations at all times throughout the entire marketing and selling process -from beginning to end the sale was superbly managed and executed by Peter and his formidable team.

We particularly valued Peter’s professionalism and integrity and are therefore delighted to recommend him to others who wish to enjoy similar exceptional results.

Kym Pearson

Peter is a fantastic real estate agent. I have personally used him twice to sell my properties and have always achieved the best sale price. He is professional and highly ethical but clearly focused on achieving the best result for you the seller.

In the sales process he is your best asset. I have recommended numerous friends and associates to use Peters service to sell their property and all without exception have achieved a great outcome.

I have no hesitation in recommending Peter when next you choose to sell your property- you won’t be disappointed.

Daren Bracewell

Peter Clements came back very promptly to us each time. He even did a video record of the property for us without us asking. As we live in Singapore and have not visited the site, I think he went beyond his call for the seller's interest to do the video for us.

I am most impressed with him. Also he got back to us on a list of valuable information on our property at Waratah Ave. Peter Clements knows his business very well. He displays excellent service, beyond the call of professionalism.

He appears to me, the type that goes the extra miles for his clients, the seller. We are very happy with his service.

Jasmine Ho

At a very difficult time in the property market (30-9-08) I put my Claremont home up for sale with Peter Clements. I knew of some very good Western Suburb sales Peter had made and when I visited some of his home opens I was impressed with how he communicated with people and presented the properties. The first opening of my home was on the 11-10-08 and we had an offer subject to finance, with a 48 hour clause, by the 8-11-08. We then got an unconditional offer at a higher figure on 15-11-08 which superseded the first offer.

I consider this to have been an excellent result which was due to Peter's marketing skills, untiring efforts, reading and handling of the whole situation. It was certainly not just good luck. The team approach was also a positive factor. I would be very happy to use Peter again if I had a Western Suburbs property to sell.

Neil Beck

Dear Peter

We found the whole experience of deciding to place a property owned by our family for many years daunting to say the least but with your consideration and sensitivity to our situation, the whole experience was very easy and handled extremely competently. You kept us informed at every stage of the selling processand answered all our calls and questions promptly and honestly.

We can truly say it was a comfortable and pleasant experience. Many thanks, Peter!

Yvonne Graham

We recently dealt with Peter Clements regarding the purchase of a property in Cottesloe and subsequent sale of our existing property. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Peter that we had dealings with.

Peter Clements conducted himself in a friendly and professional manner at all times. This was by far the most pleasant and professional approach to real estate buying and selling that we have experienced and we have no hesitation in recommending him to potential customers. The result obtained exceeded our expectations. Thank you!

Mike & Jacque Cox

Although this is a reference for Peter Clements of Mint Real Estate, I’d like to make a few statements up front to support why I’ve written it:

  1. Generally, I’m not a fan of real estate agents in Perth. In my experience, they tend to expect a huge commission for doing very little than standing around in the properties they’re trying to sell and handing out brochures. When I met Pete Clements, I completely changed my point of view – for the better
  2. This reference has been provided unprompted. I was so impressed with Pete and his team, I asked Pete’s permission to write it.
  3. Pete charges a bit more than other real estate agents in Perth, but he’s worth every cent! I hope this reference will provide enough evidence as to why. However, if not, I’ve provided my mobile number, as I’m more than happy to lend verbal support.

I first met Pete in September 2012, when he was still with William Porteous Properties International. At the time, I was forced to sell my home and two different friends of mine in the same street had used him to sell their properties and had recommended him to me. Within a couple of weeks of engaging Pete, they’d sold their houses.

When I first met Pete, I liked him immediately. And, it wasn’t just Pete, it was his whole team. They were professional, friendly, caring and genuine. I run a business that has been built on personal service and really caring about my clients. So, I was genuinely surprised to meet a real estate agent who held the same philosophy in selling people’s homes.

I’d also like to add here that I’d tried to sell my property on two prior occasions in 2008 and 2011 and neither agent had obtained a single offer. So, I wasn’t expecting any miracles in terms of a quick sale or a happy sale price. But, I was wrong.

When I engaged Pete and his team, they took complete control – from the beautiful photos they took of my house to the closing of the sale. Pete also made me feel very comfortable about selling my home. I was very attached to it and desperately wanted to sell it to someone who loved it as much as I did. Pete and his team achieved this for me.

At no stage did I feel pressured to do anything I didn’t want to do, obligated to “get out” if they had interested buyers, worried or stressed about the sale process. And, because I work from home, Pete and his team had to work around me. I can only say that the whole process was very easy and completely stress-free.

Pete obtained 2 cash offers on my house within the first few weeks of it being officially on the market. And, both offers were above my expectations. In the end, I accepted the second cash offer of $940,500, which was a nudge shy of the asking price of $945,000.

I’d like to close by impressing that I can’t say enough good about Pete and his team. If you want or need to sell your home, you won’t regret using Peter Clements.

Yours faithfully
Michelle Hobbs

We met Peter briefly when we were 'very loosely house hunting' almost a year ago, and amongst all the agents we had met in that phase of visiting 'home opens', Peter stood out as just being a genuinely good bloke.

More recently, on being ready to take our property to market, we spoke to the agency who sold us the home, and we tracked down Peter to ask him about selling for us. Our decision was a moderately easy one.

It's hard not to succumb to Peter's infectious yet genuine enthusiasm for the task of selling your home. Our home was purposefully 'different' and not to everyone's tastes, but Peter knew exactly how to market it, and how to keep us motivated thru' hailstorm damage woes, road works out the front and talk of increasing interest rates.

He arranged great marketing materials, had a formidable 'plan of attack' from the outset and had two offers that exceeded our earlier expectations, all within three weeks of going to market.

Peter cheerfully took our calls about all topics and at times that suited us possibly more they did him.

Aside from demonstrating skills that negotiated a great sale price, Peter was a free taxi driver (on our return from an interstate trip) and offered us great advice on tackling our new home purchase.

In all of this, we found Peter to be ethical and professional, with a simple desire to sell homes with enthusiasm, and we hold him in high regard.

Thanks Peter.

Graham Taylor and Lisa Ferri

Dear Peter

Kath & I would like to express our appreciation for the outstanding result you achieved for us in marketing and selling our townhouse in Mosman Park. We believe your marketing approach sets you apart from the many agents offering their services.

However, we also believe it is the way the approach is delivered that determines the outcome. In marketing and selling our townhouse you displayed energy, passion, enthusiasm and commitment.It was this approach and your extensive experience that sold our townhouse within 3 days and $30k higher than market appraisals from competing agents.

We are extremely grateful for the result you achieved for us.

Alex & Kath McHenry

Just a little note to say thank you. You promised a good price for my home and you delivered! You promised to help out wherever possible and you did. It was such a great help to have you recommend John to get the house looking the best it could.

Thank you for all that you did to make our sale and move as smooth as possible. You have a very pleasant yet professional way about you! Thank you again for everything!

Debbie Gray

In selling our family home, we took very seriously the matter of engaging a real estate agent. We spent considerable time and effort on this choice becausewe were aware of its importance in achieving the highest price with the least amount of stress. We were so impressed with the presentation and ideas of “Team Clements” that although they were not based in our area, we signed them up immediately. From the outset we were delighted with their professionalism,and they were a joy to deal with, making the whole experience far less trying.

They returned calls promptly and kept us up to date with feedback throughout the process. Their strategy turned out to be a winning formula, achieving a price half-a-million dollars higher than had been paid for any other house in the area. We are, as you can imagine, delighted with the result! The marketing and PR campaign was well thought out and provided us with the best and greatest quality exposure we believe we could have achieved. We warmly commend Peter and his team as having the highest levels of integrity and service to the customer,and would be happy to deal again with them in the future.

Francesca, Beverly, Matt, Amberley and the rest of the Elischer clan.

You were true to your word when it came to the price of our home as well as the estimated time frame for the sale. We also thank you for your honesty and support...

Glee & Aaron Richardson

Dear Peter,

Just a brief word of thanks for the way in which you conducted the sale of our Freshwater Parade unit. We were more than satisfied with the professional way in which the sale was handled and with the ultimate result. We appreciate the preliminary research that you carried out and the way in which we were kept informed of any changes and developments. We also appreciate your suggestions on the ways to improve appearances and potential of our unit and hence achieving the current record price within the Freshwater Parade precinct.

The courtesy, friendliness and professionalism with which you and your team conducted the entire project is to be commended. We felt confident at all times that our best interests were your top priority and would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone contemplating any real estate venture.

Thanks again and best wishes.

Jim and Gaye Amm

Dear Peter,

Thank you so much for helping us through this exciting phase of our lives.

We both really appreciate your hard work and professionalism, it made our lives easy.

Kinds Regards
Sue & Brendan.

Dear Peter,

A million thank yous for all your help and amazing loyalty in helping me find a house!

I hope you have a fantastic chrissy, New Year

Good luck & I wish you all the success in the world in the real estate industry.

You really are one-of-a-kind!

Your Client for life,


Many thanks – I am so grateful for the help advice and stressless selling of Warden St. & Bormolow Green. Not forgetting all your input and help with the Darlington house ! A big thank you too to Tammy for everything.

Best wishes Gill Jones

Thank you for brilliantly executed job. You were fantastic in every way – professional, incredibly efficient and always gregariously presented. The thing we love most about you is your infectious enthusiasm .

Have a lovely X’mas.

See you around the neighborhood

Serena & Parls

We found the whole experience of deciding to place a property owned by our family for many years daunting to say the least, but with Peter’s consideration and sensitivity to our situation the whole experience was very easy and handled extremely competently. He kept us informed at every stage of the selling process and answered all our calls and questions promptly and honestly. We can truly say it was a comfortable and pleasant experience. Many thanks Peter!

M. Graham

Dear Peter


We are writing to express our gratitude and appreciation for the most professional service that we had received from you in the sale of our property.

Since first meeting you(when you assisted us in the purchase of our current residence ) we were so impressed with your honesty and work ethic that when we decided to sell our investment property, we had no hesitation in appointing you to act on our behalf.

Our trust and confidence in you were completely well founder. You understood the constraints of our time due to our work and family commitments and you took all the stress out of the sale process, from organising the work required to be carried out on the property to choosing the colour of the walls and ceiling, and the type of cupboard handles for us! After the property was marketed, you kept us thoroughly informed of your process and the market feedback. Your honest and constructive advice assisted us significantly in tailoring our expectations, and your achieved an excellent result for us.

We are extremely glad that we entrusted you with the sale of our property. Your thoughtfulness, coupled with your enthusiasm and sense of humour, made you a pleasure to deal with. In you, we have found not only someone that we can trust to act in our best interests and to achieve the possible result, but also someone whom we have come to regard as a friend.

Yours sincerely

Wang Jet Yee and Yin Fang

As a retired couple looking to downsize, we chose Pete to sell our Cottesloe house based solely on the fact that he had already sold 3 properties in our street – all of them quickly (usually within a month or so of taking them on). We knew nothing about him other than that.

We found him, however, to be enthusiastic, engagingly pleasant, polite and super excited at the prospect of selling our house. He was a revelation to us because he had a planned approach to selling and, from the outset, explained to us clearly what he intended to do at each stage of the sale.

Once the house was on the market, he was relentless! Many people were shown through, at times always convenient to us and after 3 or 4 home opens, we had 2 offers close to our asking price, one of which we ultimately accepted.

Thereafter, Pete was able to offer further help as our next choice of house which enabled him to give advice and suggestions that led to our offer being accepted. So, within 2 months, we had sold and bought very quickly – largely due to Pete’s expertise.

Finally, we sought his advice also about selling our South West property and he put us onto an equally enthusiastic local real estate contact and we await developments there as well.

What struck us most, I suppose, during this fairly chaotic time of selling our home of 38 years and buying elsewhere etc, was that Pete was always consistently friendly, upbeat and enjoyable company. We invariably felt remarkably uplifted and very encouraged after each session with him.

Needless to say, we can and do thoroughly recommend him and we intend to use his services again when opportunity presents.

Gary and Barbara Davidson

Dear Peter,

Thanks for the beautiful flowers and salt and pepper grinders. The flowers looked gorgeous with the new house. Wishing you all the best and thank you for all you have done.

Kindly Regards

Lindsey and Rachel Allet

We would like to express our warmest thanks to Peter Clements for his brilliant achievement of locating a buyer for our house.

Peter was asked if he could help after we had been unsuccessful in selling our property over the past few months. He responded to our situation by immediately presenting qualified buyers, giving us reassurance and confidence that our expectations were not unrealistic in this difficult market.

The end result was a sale that was achieved in a little over a week where all three parties, vendor, purchaser and Peter are more than satisfied with the result.

We highly recommend Peter and his team as very competent professionals who will work to deliver the outcome desired by all sellers – It is SOLD!

Ray & Helen Adams

I write to advise you of the experience that my wife and I have recently had in regard to our house sale. We received an unsolicited letter from Peter Clements offering to carry out a market appraisal on our house. This offer was opportune for us because we are about to go overseas to live and work and we required some market appraisals on the house to establish the value prior to the house becoming a rental property.

Peter was most obliging and was very helpful when he visited us to do the market appraisal. He mentioned during his visit that he had a customer who was very interested in living in Flour Mill, we advised that we were not sellers. Peter was not insistent and accepted what we said. Three days later Peter rang and advised that he had an offer from his customers and that he would like to present the offer to my wife and I. Once again he was not insistent and was very courteous.

We considered our position and then agreed that we would allow an inspection. The result was that we agreed to sell our house. We thank Peter for the very professional and caring approach that he took during the difficult period that we have just been through whilst we were making the decision to sell our home.

He has made this process enjoyable and we will have no hesitation in recommending Peter to others in the future.

Richard Meadmore

To whom it may concern,

Pete Clements came to us highly recommended by friends well versed in the WA real estate industry.

After completing a property sale with Pete we are pleased to add our testament to his outstanding reputation.

Pete provided exceptional advice in terms of property preparation, value and expected execution timeframes. He followed through with focussed persistence to ensure our goals were achieved.

Pete’s marketing and communication skills are of the highest order.His work ethic, integrity and attitude are beyond reproach.

Derek & Helen

To Peter and Ashley,

Thank you so much for all your help and support while we were selling our house. I do admire your enthusiasm, energy and truly positive outlook.

Thanks you also for the beautiful gift.

Joy & Graham Garden

Over the last couple of years we have had the experience of buying and selling houses in the Fremantle area with Brad Glover. Initially we bought 2 years ago from Brad and so when he started his own company Mint in Jan 2013, it was an easy decision to use his professional services again in the selling of our family home and the purchase of our new property.
Brad has always been honest, reliable, professional and ethical both in our experience as a buyer and seller, and we wouldn't hesitate to use his expertise again in the future and also recommend him to anybody else who wants the minimum amount of stress and the best outcome!

Stephanie & David

February 2013


July 2013

Dear Brad & Simone,

Just a quick note to say thank you both so much for the great and professional job you did in getting our unit in North Coogee sold.  You got us a quick and good result and the whole process from start to finsih was handled extremely well by yourselves. 

Thank you again and all the best with the growth and success of your business. 

Kind regards, Di Skea, Rollinson Road, North Coogee

Brad Glover has sold two of my homes and I could not imagine anyone else selling my home for me, together with Simone they make an amazing team!  I have no hesitations in recommending the Mint team to sell your home!  I am very confident that all aspects of selling and settling your home will be handled in the most professional, organised and exceptional manner.  Mint Real Estate has enabled us to look forward to the future and the selling process, very exciting! 

Kind regards,

Marisa & Jason Rifici

Dear Sharon,

Thanks for making it such a seamless stress-free process. 

Bec & Brett Blacker

To Sharon Roberts,

it has been such a stress-free experience I can hardly believe it!  A lot of that was due to the calm and considered way you managed everything.

Jacqui Rovis-Herman

I was fortunate to have Sharon Roberts as my agent.  She was professional, supportive and understanding of my personal dilemma whilst selling my house.  She felt like a well needed friend when things were tough! 

Raewyn Crossan

Dear Brad,

This is just a quick note to say thank you for helping us find our new home.  It has not been an easy search for us and working with you made it a breeze!  You were a pleasure to deal with and nothing was too much trouble for you.  We couldn't be happier! 

All the best from,

Nuala, Simon, Moya, Tiernan & Josie Lyne

18 Forrest Street, Fremantle

Having first met Brad Glover many years ago at a home open, we decided that should we sell our house in Fremantle, we would want him to be the sales person.  Consequently, when we did decide to sell, we contacted Brad and were delighted to have not just Brad but his "Team" working for us.  Each member of the team was a pleasure to work with and approached the sale of the house in an extremely competent manner, keeping us informed at all times regarding what was happening and the next step in the process.  It is to their credit that the house presented so well in the photographs and at the home open and with Brad's enthusiastic and competent work in the sales department, it resulted in an immediate sale. 

Many thanks to all involved for your sound advice, professional and personable approach and of course the great result. 

Carolyn & Trevor Reeve,  208 High Street, Fremantle


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