It’s safe to say we’re all overflowing with excitement and pride at Mint Real Estate right now. Peter Clements – Mint Claremont director, real estate agent and all-round fantastic human being – was named the best real estate agent in WA at the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia’s Annual Awards, winning “Top Unassisted Salesperson by Value Sold” after transacting $61,207,112 worth of property in the last financial year.


If you’ve worked with Pete before, you might be thinking: “Wait a second, Pete has a great team behind him!”. Yes, it’s true. Andy and other staff provide irreplaceable support to ensure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes, but Pete is very much an ‘unassisted salesperson’ by REIWA definitions. He personally conducts each and every appraisal, attends every single one of his home opens, and does all sale negotiations on his own. He’s there throughout every step, and this hands on involvement is consistently praised in vendor feedback.


As a “quality over quantity” kind of operator, being ranked No.1 out of more than 8,000 agents was a huge surprise for Pete. But it goes to show that when you do the right thing by each individual client, these quantitative results can appear as an unexpected (yet very pleasant) by-product. As if that’s not enough, Mint Fremantle director Brad Glover was named a REIWA Master Salesperson at the awards too. Needless to say, it was a great night out!


Thinking of managing your own investment property?

The thought of becoming a landlord is appealing for many reasons – being one’s own boss and the earning potential of building a portfolio of properties are just two of them.

However, the decision to become a landlord should not be taken lightly. There are many different challenges to be considered first, which need to be carefully weighed up against the benefits. Failure to do this can cause some inexperienced landlords to run into problems.

This guide is designed to highlight the most important considerations before investing in a rental property.


Adequate Budget

Paying the mortgage on a house and covering the costs of upkeep can rapidly become expensive. For repairs use professional property maintenance in Perth from Men Behaving Handy. Every cost and eventuality needs to be budgeted for to make sure that a house will be able to break even or turn a profit once there are tenants living there.

Insurance and Understanding of Liability

Having the right insurance against damage to the property is vital and problems such as fire and theft can potentially cost thousands of dollars. In terms of legal disputes it is imperative that a landlord knows their rights and responsibilities when it comes to disputes with tenants. Understanding of the law helps to resolve legal matters in a timely fashion.

Effective Tenant Screening

It is extremely important to exercise quality control with tenants. Make sure to set up a list of tenant responsibilities that they must agree to before signing a contract. These agreements can act as a code of conduct to prevent illegal behavior or potential damage/misuse of the house.  Consider charging tenants for the cost of urgent property maintenance in Perth. It is also advisable to ask potential tenants to provide employment and previous residency references to make sure that a good standard is maintained.

Dealing with Difficult Tenants

Not everyone who lives in a property will be easy to deal with. Some tenants may make complaints whilst others can be rude or aggressive to other people in the house or to the landlord. Understanding landlord and tenant rights in these situations is important.

Time Constraints

Being a landlord is not a 9-5 job. Issues with properties and tenants can arise without warning and sometimes require immediate attention. The job requires landlords to effectively be ‘on call’ – for example, If a tenant phones at nine o’clock on a Friday night complaining about a burst water pipe then it is in the landlord’s best interest to contact a handyman in Perth and deal with the problem before it spirals out of control.

For some people, especially those with young families, these time constraints can be stressful and inconvenient. Weigh up this factor before deciding to proceed.

Understand the Value of Location

This is an often overlooked consideration. Location is vitally important for people deciding where to live and they may be willing to pay higher rent in return for convenience such as easy access to the city centre or proximity to local amenities.

With this guide, the path to becoming a landlord should be clearer. Make sure to plan properly in advance of purchasing a rental property, and be prepared for the challenges which will invariably come along.

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