Despite what some agents will tell you, there are definitely better times than others for selling your home.

Although increasingly sophisticated, with a growing number of eastern states and international buyers, the Perth market still has its clearly demarcated selling seasons.

With its long, hot summers and cool sharp winters, there are only a couple of months during the calendar year when I advise my clients and potential clients to hold off if they possibly can.

Obviously the middle of the Perth winter, when most are either escaping to warmer climes or hibernating indoors, is one of those times.

The other time I suggest playing a waiting game if at all possible, is in the midst of our long hot summer, when the city all but grinds to a halt and most of us can be found lazing on beaches rather than fronting up to a series of home opens.

I think it’s important to tailor your marketing campaign to show the home in its best possible light and seasonal differences can play a huge part in that.

Once I have thoroughly inspected a home and talked at length with the sellers about it, we make an informed decision on how to show the home looking its best.

If it’s geared to summer entertaining with north facing alfresco spaces then the optimum time is going to be as the weather warms up.

If a home tends to retain heat on warm summer days, then I would look at marketing it pre or post high summer and ensuring the timing of home opens is planned to reflect the property when it’s at its best.

In a city like Perth, where vast numbers of homeowners take pride in their gardens and outdoor areas, spring is an obvious choice to showcase a property in the best light possible.

With the natural extension of indoor-outdoor living, it makes sense to promote our enviable lifestyle during the months when we are able to enjoy it.

With June gone and July fast disappearing, the Perth property market is gearing up for one of the busiest times of the year, so if you’ve been holding off for the rain to pass, it might be time to put your plans into action and let’s talk about your place.

Following a frantic few months of upheaval, I’m happy to announce that the Mint team is now happily ensconced in our Claremont offices.

With only a few finishing touches still remaining on the list, we’re proud to have transformed one of the commercial centre’s few remaining character residences into our new home.

It’s great to be back in the heart of Claremont in the midst of all the activity.

The redevelopment of the former Claremont football ground, the ongoing activity at Claremont Quarter and plans for the revitalisation of Bay View Terrace make it an exciting and dynamic community to be part of.

Part of our reason for moving was to make us more accessible for you, our clients.

There’s not much point having a state of the art office in a location that’s miles from where you live, work and shop day to day.

Luckily our new home includes parking bays right out the front, so you can pull up for a chat without worrying about the chalk on your tyres.

The team and I want to make this a comfortable place for you to drop in and discuss the state of the market, the best time to sell and the right way to go about marketing your home, should you decide that the time is right.

We also want you to feel you can just call in and say hi regardless of what’s going on in the real estate market.

We’ve also been working hard to transform the rear of the property into a garden oasis to host Mint events and celebrations and to welcome our clients and friends in a relaxed, informal way.

We also plan to conduct auctions out the back on site, in much the same way they do in Sydney and Melbourne.

For those heading off on school holidays, be safe, enjoy and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Pete Clements


It can be all too tempting for tenants in a softening rental market to think nothing of breaking their lease and jumping ship to a cheaper rental just a few metres down the road for the sake of a few extra dollars in their wallet at the end of the month.

However, the lure of extra cash in the short term can often be outweighed by the long-term penalties and an unnecessary headache for both tenant and landlord.

In a recent article entitled “Don’t break your bank by breaking your lease”, a REIWA spokesperson said REIWA property managers were experiencing a significant increase in the number of enquiries from both tenants and property owners about the costs involved in breaking a lease.

It went on the explain that a lease was a legally binding contract between two parties and that leaving before the agreed termination date was essentially a breach of contract which can add up to thousands of dollars billed against the outgoing tenant.

It’s true that rents in Perth have dropped in recent months off record high levels with the number of properties on the market up significantly compared to the same time last year.

However in premium suburbs the competition remains strong for properties that are well maintained and managed and priced at a realistic level according to the competition.

Experienced property managers appraise and value properties everyday and are the best option when it comes to setting the rent for your property.

Making the most of what your property has to offer is also important for those looking to gain the most from their investments.

In a more competitive market investing in some minor improvements can make all the difference when attracting a long-term tenant.

A coat of paint and fresh flooring and window treatments can go a long way in terms of overall presentation.

Ensuring the property presents well from the street is also vital and can make the difference between an inspection and and a drive by.

Under the residential Tenancies Act, the property owner is entitled to be ‘no worse off’ as a result of a breach by the tenant and can claim for rent until the property is re-let, advertising charges and any un-used portion of the letting fee, so it’s a good idea to talk to your property manager before making any rash decisions