12 happy buyers have bought from Mint so far this month, there are also 12 very happy sellers!

Unfortunately there are 38 families who missed out on their dream homes and are now realizing although there appears to be lots of homes on the market, most are not what they want to live in.

With Christmas carols looming we are not expecting to see many new listings until February next year. It means that we are expecting to see most of the homes on the market being sold before 25 December and leaving very slim pickings if you need to move.

If there is not much new stock in February we could expect a seller’s market and an increase in prices.

My advice is if you see a home you really like. BUY IT! You may never find one quite as nice again.


Peter Clements, Mint Real Estate Claremont

Making a house look and feel like a home is not an easy task, especially for us men.

I know I am generalising, however when you find someone who is not only lovely, but also fantastic at what they do its worth bragging about them.

So if you want to make your home even more beautiful speak with Kim Pearson. PHONE 08 6389 2771

Here is some of her work http://kimpearson.com.au/folio/frank-lloyd-wright/